Jonathan Cicotti


“Washingtonians recognize what we are doing, they demand sustainability. They care about their food coming in a compostable container, with recyclable utensils, and fresh local ingredients.”

Growing up on Lopez Island in the San Juans, Jonathan Cicotti has always known the importance of sustainable food. He remembers having a big garden with their chickens roaming the grounds, and his mother’s strict house rules about eating what the land provided. So naturally, when Jonathan started traveling and working as a chef in different restaurants, he already knew where he could find some of the most sustainable ingredients: on his home island. 

His mother’s house rules rooted a sustainable journey that Jonthan has carried as a professional chef for life. In 2012, he opened up a slow food restaurant in San Francisco, which survived on the mentality of getting ingredients with the seasons. He would source a lot of his food directly from farmers, and the menu was constantly changing depending on what farmers could give.  

When Jonathan returned to his roots in Bellingham, he opened up Storia Cucina keeping the same values his mother instilled in him. While opening up a restaurant during a pandemic had challenges of its own, you can taste the wonders of his locally grown food with fully compostable, and recyclable to-go containers, straws, and utensils. Jonathan’s restaurant continues to strive to put wildlife over waste, feeding his community without a side of plastic waste! 

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