Representative Liz Berry


“I talked to thousands of voters while on the campaign trail last year, and urgently combatting our climate crisis was a main concern. Reducing plastic pollution and fixing our recycling systems is a piece of that and I was proud to champion landmark legislation to address these critical issues.”

Although Representative Liz Berry is new to the Washington Legislature this year, she isn’t new to green issues. Not only did the Representative champion House Bill 1118, the companion bill to Senator Das’s comprehensive plastics bill, but she also serves on the House Energy and Environment as well as the Transportation committee. While unusual for a freshman to be placed on these vital committees, Representative Berry asked for these assignments because she believes more people need to talk about the nexus between energy, environmental concerns, and clean transportation.

While on the campaign trail, she talked to thousands of voters in her district and among their priorities was combating our plastic pollution crisis. Inaction just wasn’t an option for the Representative, and that’s why she supported Senator Das’ bold action to curb our plastics problem. Representative Berry is also motivated to take progressive action on plastics and climate issues because she wants to leave the earth better than when she found it for her kids. As a mother of a five and one year old, she is passionate about paving the way for future environmentalists.

Representative Berry continues to fight for bold action to combat climate change, plastic pollution, and clean energy so she can not only support her constituents’ environmental concerns, but leave her kids with a greener, healthy, planet.

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