Maddie Moore

“I grew up with the idea that legislators weren’t going to listen to me because I didn’t have enough life experience, but no matter what age you are, you have a voice. You have the power to share your opinions and the power to make real change.”

Maddie is a third year at University of Washington majoring in Food Systems, Nutrition, and Health with a minor in political science and environmental health. She found herself focusing on climate change, and other environmental issues throughout her courses, but wanted to learn more outside of her studies. So, in the fall of 2019 during a school fair, Maddie found herself signing up for a WashPIRG, a student organization that works with professional staff to provide the training and resources to create a more sustainable future. 

Like many others, Maddie never thought twice about packaging her produce in a plastic bag, or grabbing a plastic bottled water. But when she started working with WashPIRG, she became aware of all the plastic that surrounded her in her daily life, and she wanted to change that. Since then, Maddie now runs WashPIRG’s Wildlife Over Waste campaign at UW, and has found herself learning more and more about plastics and its detrimental effects. Maddie is motivated by advocating for something that is greater than herself, her future. 

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