Ryan Metzger

“Our action at the household level, and at the neighborhood level, really do add up to big things.”

Ryan Metzger knows that it can be difficult and confusing when you are trying to decide what and when to recycle, whether that be batteries, plastics, or light bulbs. Metzger, the CEO and co-founder of Ridwell has made hard-to-recycle items simple and easy. Starting in his basement with his son Owen, the duo would mull through hard-to-recycle items every Saturday, researching more sustainable methods to recycle these items than dropping them off at a landfill. For 9 months, Ryan and Owen would post every Saturday in their local neighborhood groups, offering their neighbors an easy, and sustainable way to get rid of their unwanted items and deliver them to a recycling center. It turned out that people in Washington wanted to dispose of their materials in a more eco-friendly way, and thus Ridwell was born. 

Ridwell is now operating all across Seattle and has recently made its way to Portland. Ridwell has developed an easy, and sustainable way for people to get rid of their hard-to-recycle products by offering their members bags and bins to separate their materials, picking them up right off your doorstep, and delivering them to reuse and recycling partners. Since starting in 2018, Ridwell has picked up over million pounds of material that has either been reused or recycled showing that the impact of a grassroots movement can really make a difference.

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