Lisa Martinez

“It’s about the future, not only for the marine populations but for our children. We want to make sure they have the abundance in our environment that we have today.”

Lisa Martinez is a native of the Pacific Northwest, growing up between Alaska, Washington, and Oregon. Growing up in such naturally abundant places is what has driven Lisa’s passion for the environment. As Lisa and her husband both share a love for the outdoors, her family personally connects by getting outside, whether that be white water rafting or kayaking in the Puget Sound. Lisa finds that there is a cost to enjoying the outdoors, that is caring for it. As a family, they have taken personal steps to limit their plastic waste by ditching plastic containers, reusing products, and recycling whatever they can. 

As a career, Lisa works in banking but her love for the environment doesn’t stop there. Within banking, climate risk has become a really important topic in finance. She hopes to become more involved in this topic because she knows a lot of the plastic pollution crisis has to do with awareness and education. Still, Lisa is well aware that personal habits are contributing to pollution, and she feels the need to consistently keep up with educating herself about the problem. Whether that be reading Opinion pieces in the media, or finding more educational pieces, Lisa will continue to find ways to live plastic-free and save our environment.

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