Libbie FitzGerald

“It’s hard for me to even envision something as big as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch floating around in our waters.”

Libbie FitzGerald is a resident of Issaquah, Washington, and like many other Washingtonians, she is concerned about our plastic waste. While trying to educate herself about plastics, she found that there is a lot of misconception about what can actually be recycled, and what is often discarded into a landfill. She takes that extra step at home by sorting her plastics and finding out the best way to get rid of them. She used to  find herself at QFC or Safeway, disposing of her plastic bags, but now uses Ridwell; a company that will pick up your hard-to-recyclables and keeps them out of the landfill. When she isn’t busy sorting her waste, Libbie takes walks along the beach where she often finds them littered with plastics. 

What is her motivation? It’s quite simple. She loves the environment and wants our future generations to be able to enjoy a walk on a beach without having to pick up plastics along the way.

As she and her family are motivated at the household level to do whatever they can to properly discard their plastics, Libbie hopes to see Washington take an Extended Producer Responsibility approach that would allow for recycling to be more accessible. She hopes to see stores that put out so much plastic, like Amazon, enter the game as resources to teach people how to sustainably get rid of items. Until then, Libbie continues to take that extra step at home in hopes that her efforts will preserve the Earth that she so dearly loves.

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