Chris Rogstad

“When you go to these pristine places like the safaris in Africa, it’s disheartening to see plastic bags floating around. It’s astonishing that we, as a society, make all this plastic, yet we don’t have a way to properly take care of it.”

Like many Washingtonians, Chris Rogstad is concerned about plastics. As an avid hiker and traveler, he has seen the first-hand effects of our plastic crisis. He recalls traveling to different parts of the world, from the safaris in Africa to Machu Picchu in the Andes Mountains of Peru, Chris sees a common theme: plastic. When visiting these iconic places that are supposed to be pristine, Chris feels that our plastic problem is inescapable. Whether he is hiking in the Cascades or down at the Oregon Coast, Chris consistently sees rigid plastic and polystyrene litter our natural environment. 

Motivated by his love for our environment, Chris takes that extra step to cut down on his plastic waste. Whether that is forgoing a plastic bag to carry his produce, or ceasing to buy cases of plastic water bottles, he finds himself taking those small steps to waste less. Chris often finds that his recycling bin at home is often twice the size of his normal garbage waste, so he tries to limit his consumption by going for items in alternative packaging. As a member of the Edmonds Day Breakers Rotary Club, Chris and other members will walk up and down the road near the ferry every quarter to pick up trash- which is often plastic waste. “Everything you get comes in a container, everything at the grocery store comes in some sort of plastic, if we all take that small action to cut down on our plastic waste, we can start to save our environment.”

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