Krystina Jarvis

“I love to be out in nature and traveling, but if we continue at the rate that we are going, those things won’t be available to us.”

Krystina Jarvis is the owner and founder of A Drop in the Ocean, a zero-waste and sustainable living boutique located in Tacoma. Krystina has always considered herself an environmentalist. After pursuing her degree in environmental science, Krystina struggled with finding easy, tangible ways to engage with sustainability. Krystina never thought to live a zero-waste lifestyle until she saw a Buzzfeed video of someone doing it for thirty days. After living a zero-waste lifestyle for four years, Krystina wanted to take her action further by engaging with the masses. She first started with making youtube videos, documenting her sustainable lifestyle. This soon transformed into a blog. 

She started to see these zero-waste stores popping up everywhere in Europe, and asked herself why isn’t the United States doing this? 

She soon realized that she could be that person in the community that could open up a zero-waste shop. After launching the shop two years ago, A Drop in the Ocean makes sustainability easy, and achievable in our everyday lives. From refillable shampoo bottles to bar soaps, and bamboo toothbrushes, Krystina’s boutique allows for everyone to be a conservationist in their everyday life. Additionally, A Drop in the Ocean plants 10 trees with every purchase, and as of January 2020 they have planted over 35,000 trees. Krystina also does an email series, Make Waves Monday, that sends her shoppers one actionable tip or trick about sustainable living each week.

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