Zhenyu Tian

“When talking about pollution, people tend to think it is about a big oil spill, something from a pointed source, but pollution happens in our everyday lives.”

Ryan Metzger

“Our action at the household level, and at the neighborhood level, really do add up to big things.”

Senator Mona Das

“There are a thousand entry points into the sustainability conversation. Whether it be food, electric vehicles, plastic bags, or pollution, people can start to think about their waste and take individual action that can lead to policy change.”

Lisa Martinez

“It’s about the future, not only for the marine populations but for our children. We want to make sure they have the abundance in our environment that we have today.”

Chris Rogstad

“When you go to these pristine places like the safaris in Africa, it’s disheartening to see plastic bags floating around. It’s astonishing that we, as a society, make all this plastic, yet we don’t have a way to properly take care of it.”

Maddie Moore

“I grew up with the idea that legislators weren’t going to listen to me because I didn’t have enough life experience, but no matter what age you are, you have a voice. You have the power to share your opinions and the power to make real change.”

Libbie FitzGerald

“It’s hard for me to even envision something as big as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch floating around in our waters.”

Krystina Jarvis

“I love to be out in nature and traveling, but if we continue at the rate that we are going, those things won’t be available to us.”

Representative Joe Fitzgibbon

“As an environmentalist, these incremental actions don’t always feel like enough, but they snowball and create momentum that leads to more systemic change.”